BBQ 81 San Diego

About Us

The name barbecue 81 has a very special significance. It's in honor of my dad, Ron Jessie, who wore the number 81 when he played for the L.A. Rams. My business started as Big Daddy's barbeque, with my Dad, Ron Jessie, assisting me on the grill. He did the ribs and I did the chicken while we both bickered over techniques and spices. We ultimately always had a great time and great barbecue though.

After he passed away in 2006, not having him around was difficult. I missed him, not only because he was my Dad, but also because of his expertise and years of experience in working with barbecue, he was a true grill master. It is for this reason, in remembrance of my dad, that I chose to honor him by using his number 81 as the name of my barbecue business.

Dad and I spent countless hours perfecting our combinations of the best spices and tantalizing sauces passed down through decades of expertise and experience. Ribs and chicken resting over indirect flame hour after hour, tri-tip with a smoky taste that ca n't be imitated, and side dishes made from scratch. It's classic barbeque done the right way…nothing is more tasty!