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Whether it's our signature barbecue tri-tip, spare ribs, chicken, or the classic "burgers and dogs", people always seem to come back for second helpings when it's BBQ 81.

We take pride in using family recipes and techniques. All of our entrees and side dishes, as well as our marinades, sauces, and glazes are made from scratch, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Brandon Jessie Grilling

The Best BBQ Catering Service In San Diego

Everyone has their opinions on how barbecue is done. There are so many recipes, so many styles, and so many techniques that really "dialing in" outdoor cooking can take years:

  • -When do vegetables go onto the grill?
  • -Should chicken and shrimp be cooked at the same time? 
  • -How do you adjust cooking times and temperature for beef and pork ribs?
  • -Does the barbecue sauce go on during or after grilling?

And then there's the whole marinade, dry-rub, barbecue sauce, fixins', sides, and serving dishes thing.... it can be more than anyone has bargained -or planned- for. This is where Barbecue 81 can help. With two generations of grilling experience and expertise, we can take care of the menu, prep work, set up, cooking, clean up, and all the other little details involved in making great barbecue.

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